Black And White With a Touch Of Grey

Recently, I’m learning that maybe not everything IS black and white. Today as I was walking down 4th and Mission on my way to Denny’s for breakfast, I noticed a homeless man on the side walk. He was just standing there and smiled at me when I passed him by. I smiled back and he blushed. I couldn’t really tell if he was blushing as his face was incredibly dirty. I know one thing for sure; he was definitely dressed warmer than I. As I walked by him I asked myself “I wonder how he sees the world?” It must be hard for someone like that not knowing where he’ll get his next meal, but he has hope and he doesn’t give up. If he saw the world in black and white as I once did, he would have given up on life and who knows he wouldn’t have been the subject of my blog tonight.

I often wonder what is it we are meant to do with our lives. What is our purpose here and how do we help? I don’t imagine the homeless man was set here to be homeless. I know somewhere deep down inside me, he has a purpose, and he may even be some-one’s father or son; and to me that’s a big enough purpose in life by itself. I’m sure he has contributed to society at one time in his life.

I remember being a student in Syracuse University and one of my close professors went completely nuts. He became homeless. I saw him one day on the streets and he didn’t recognize me, he looked right through me as if I wasn’t there and held out his hand and repeatedly kept asking “Got any change, got any spare change?” A well educated man with a PHD now is a burden on society. How does that happen? What is it we can learn from him? The funny thing is, he taught sociology. Now people study HIM.

I wonder what color HIS world is? I don’t suppose it’s black and white or if it is, it may have a touch of grey.

Until Next Time,

Much Love,