Divorcing The Divorced

So you think you find “THE ONE” all is good, and “oh boy..he’s the one”, “Oh we’re going to get married, he’s perfect, I love everything about him, he “understands me”, and my family loves him”. Ever been in those relationships? I wish there were signs or clues given to us girls who truly believe we’re in love. I mean, can our hearts be fooled so much that we’ll do whatever it takes to be with “the one”even if it means swallowing our pride? I tried to convince Mike that our relationship was meant to be, now I know different.

Never in my mind did I think I was the rebound girl with him. I thought since his divorce was done and all, that he was “okay” and ready to date again. How long does it take to get over a divorce, I wonder. Is there a time period you have to wait before you’re ready to date again? Why is it, that when we find the “one” who was divorced we think “okay, it didn’t work out with their first so, now it’s my turn, I can make him happy. “I’m the “one” he’s been looking for all his life. Yeah, until that day comes and they tell you their feelings for you have changed that maybe he was mistaken about the way he feels about you. Then what do you do? You’re heart is broken and you feel used and embarrassed for thinking that maybe you could of been “The One”.

Was I foolish to believe that? That I could actually be “the one” for him? Our text messages this morning have me convinced that I have no other choice but to divorce the divorced.

Until Next Time,

Much Love,


PS. It’s nice to sign my blogs “Much Love” I miss saying that to someone, so thanks for letting me say that to you!