Mike Vs. Mike

Torn between two others. If you’re around my age then you’ll understand the play on words there.

So I have two loves of Mikes in my life. My one love of Mike is the one I speak to you everyday with. Ever give up what you wanted just to follow a gut feeling? Many years ago, about 5 years ago, I decided to “try” something new in my life. I remember I was stationed in the Air Force at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, KS. I was sitting at my kitchen table and the radio was on. I looked over at it and said to myself; “That’s what I want to do, I want to be on the radio.” I didn’t want to be a winner on the radio, but I wanted to “be on the radio”. So, I put on a suit and drove down to a radio station in Wichita and asked to speak to the manager there. I didn’t know the radio lingo as the managers are called “Program Directors”. I asked to speak to him and said “Are you hiring for DJ’s?” he laughs a little and asks me who I am; “And..you are…?” I introduce myself and he asks “Do you have any experience?” I look at him and say “You need EXPERIENCE to be a DJ?” he laughs the rest is history, long story short… I got hired.

I fell in love with this sort of Mike in my life. I loved the idea that I could make people laugh when I talked to them on the air. It wasn’t until 9-11 I realized that what I have is a gift and a calling. I was doing part-time radio in Washington, DC while I was stationed at the Pentagon. I remember being stationed at the Pentagon and 9-11 hit us. Something inside me told me I needed to help people get through this, that I had a voice. I asked my General “Sir, I need to help the public get through this, I have a calling to help them” I told him “Sir, you help them IN the air and I’ll help them ON the air.” He decided to let me go as long as I went into the Reserve and I did for a while.

Now, I know that what I’m doing with THIS Mike is what I’m meant to be doing.

The other Mike in my life we have read about in my blog here. So far, we’re talking again but the conversations are light, nothing relationship related at the moment. I must admit it’s great to hear his voice even if he does end the phone calls first. It’s the distance thing, he refuses to date someone 3500 miles away. Although he admits he still loves me, he won’t give in to trying it out to see if we have a future together.

If love conquers all, then what does it do when there’s a tie?

In the case of Mike Vs. Mike I’m not sure how the verdict will come out.

I love them both equally.