Employing the Unemployed

unemployment_0      “Will Work 4 Food”, “Please help, homeless vet needs food”. We’ve all seen signs like this from people on the streets looking for our hand outs. Not too long ago, I was living in San Francisco. The first day I get to the city, I see a man on the corner holding a sign that read “Need Money For A Hooker, too ugly to get laid without one” I laughed when I saw this. I actually gave the man $5.00. I didn’t give him the $5.00 to get a hooker, but I gave it to him because he was honest. Does it pay to be honest in today’s world? It did for this guy.

       Being unemployed is crazy, isn’t it? If you’re like me and somehow we let our careers define who we are and we’re unemployed we feel like no one. I was talking with a friend the other day and he said “Nikki, your work doesn’t define who you are, but it defines a part of what you do.” I found this so interesting. When I was working, people would ask “who are you?” And I would tell them “I’m a major market on air personality” (because that WAS my job). Not once did I ever answer who I was..I always answered what I did. Interesting to think about that now. If someone were to ask me who I was today would I reply “unemployed”? I don’t think so, I think I would reply “I’m currently working towards my Masters in Psychology” (since that’s what I’m doing now). Funny how we identify who we are by only the good things we accomplish in life. I guess no one wants to hear the bad stuff…

This brings me to being unemployed. Since when does being “unemployed” make you less desirable for companies to hire? Statistics show; you’re worth more money to another company when you’re employed looking for another job. Really? You mean to tell me, I’m worth more money to another company if I’m seeking employment at the same time I’m employed? Hmmmm, where’s the logic in that? What I’m hearing is, it’s okay to be disloyal to the company who is paying me? I’m not sure I’d want to work for a company who thinks that’s okay to do while I’m employed by someone else.

Looks like the street bum I saw in San Francisco holding the “hooker” sign has more honesty than corporate America.

PS. I’m for hire.
Until Next Time,
Much Love,