New Place, New Furniture, New Fun!

new-place-500x371In a couple of weeks I will be moving to my new apartment. Although moving can be a pain, I think this time it might be fun. I get to place my new furniture and items I bought at The Home Consignment Center in a new place! I wanted to move closer to work so I found a place that’s about 12 miles away. This way I can save money on driving to and from work. Times are rough for the most of us with this economy so finding a great deal is very helpful. The Home Consignment Center cuts down on my shopping time and my costs. The cool items you’ll find in their store are items you get a stores like Macys’ but it’s a fraction of the price. Oh, I forgot to mention to you too, they get furniture in from the super rich people who consign their items. Yeah, I saw this beautiful bedroom set (it’s a Cali-king and I need a queen) it was from a super rich household. The cool thing is rich people have great taste sometimes and the REALLY cool thing is when they consign them at The Home Consignment Center we can get it for a fraction of the price THEY paid for it. I just love great deals. I am going to be going to their store in San Mateo because that’s where I’m moving to. I can’t wait to see what I’ll find there. I noticed when I went to the store in Danville last Monday alot of the items I liked were placed on hold by other people. Did you know you place items on hold there? Yep. Also, you can try it before you buy it, bring it home and see if you like it, if you do then great, if not bring it back. I don’t know any other store that does that. You really should try to get to The Home Consignment Center (they have 15 store locations) if anything just look around and spend some time in there. You will love any of their stores. To see where a stores’ near you just click on the link .

Until next week, Happy Shopping!

Much Love,