I Solemnly Swear.

This is the first 6 chapters of my book. There are 22 chapters in all and are currently being edited. I couldn’t wait to share my story with you, so I’ve released the first 6 chapters. Although the places in my book are real, the story itself is fictional. I’m an advit writer and I love to write as much as I can.

I started writing this book back in 1992. I wrote for many years following, however I put it down and did not write in it for about 17 years. I’m not sure what other writers go through, but for me, I had a hard time letting go of my characters in my book. It’s amazing how you can become so attached to them as a writer and as a reader.

People often ask my why I choose to write a book, and why I choose to write about a forbidden love affair in the military no less. I guess part of the book has some truth to it, but the main character was not married in real life. Another part of the book is where Melissa (the other main character) steals her roommates’ birth certificate to enlist into the Air Force. I can assure you, I never stole anyone’s birth certificate to enlist into the Air Force. I enlisted on my own birth given name. The book is dedicated to “Keith..for not being afraid, when I was.”

I hope you enjoy reading the first 6 chapters and if you are, when you make a purchase for it, you will receive the remaining 16 chapters free. You will have to provide me your order number and name so I can send you the remaining chapters free.

Here is a little outline of what you expect inside the whole book. Enjoy!

Melissa Bradshaw attends college and finds who she believes is her “soul mate” Captain Richard Clarrion. Her real name is Karen Sampson and she stole her roommates Birth Certificate to change her name to Melissa Bradshaw and enlists into the United States Air Force to find Captain Richard Clarrion. He is married to Susan with 2 kids. He is a well established decorated officer in the Air Force. He ends up having a forbidden affair with Melissa Bradshaw. Little does he know they have more in common than he thought. One of those things they have in common is the prosecuting Attorney Captain Miles.

One night, Richards wife Susan discovers a voice mail left by Melissa to Richard. Susan calls Richard to get up while he’s a sleep in their bedroom and he mumbles the words “Melissa?” and his wife asks “What did you say honey?” he wipes his eyes and says “What?” She says “You called me Melissa” and he says “No, I said I missed ya.”…

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