I Have A New radio Station of My Own Now!!

Welcome to Nikki Landry Live! I’m a Major Market (Top 5 ranked in the US) on air personality. This is my own show where it’s completely interactive with YOU! If you have a request or just wanna call in and chat you can do that. I believe in true radio fun. This is where you can listen live and enjoy the elements I have on my show. You’ll hear great content (current news), celebrity interviews, funny topics, such as an element called “Dick of the Day” (this is where you get to write in or phone in that one person who really made you mad today) and if they truly are a Dick for doing what they did, then they win the Dick of the Day award. I also have a show called “Country Fastball” which is hosted by baseballs’ most famous players.

I have a program called “Coffee talk With Nikki” which features unedited phones calls from family/freinds and listeners. You never know what you may hear, but feel free to ease drop in! Don’t forget about our “Classic Country Corner” if you love the classic country hits you’ll find them here too. Be sure to check the schedule on my radio stations website. My show is currently ranked Top 4 in it’s Genre on Live365…find out why people are talking about THIS show.

Enjoy the ride…because it can get bumpy at times!

To go to my site you can click here: http://www.live365.com/stations/nikkilandry

Welcome to the show!

Until Next Time,
Much Love,