Part Duex

Waking up a year older feels no different than it did yesterday. I titled my blog, Part Duex because I feel this is the second part of my life I’m getting ready to live. With a lot of positive changes coming along it’s going to be the best part of my life…I can feel it and I welcome it. If I wasn’t assigned a number to my age (42 as of today) I wouldn’t know I was that age. I don’t feel 42, but then again what does 42 feel like? If I had to guess my age, I’d say I’m more like 28 years old. Ask that in 10 years and I may tell you, I feel 62 instead of 52.

With age, comes so many experiences. Experiences I hold true to myself. I’ve certainly had my experiences in life. I’m sure we all have had experiences in our lives, that’s part of what makes us human. For a long time. I was so afraid of turning 42 years old. It wasn’t so much turning 42 as it was just the number 42 in my life. It seemed like the number 42 whenever I saw it or it was associated with something in my life, it would turn bad and bring me bad luck. Silly, I know. So, instead of continuing this number of “bad luck” I figured I would tell myself this is going to be MY YEAR of GOOD LUCK. I’m determined to make this a great year for myself.

I’ve already set myself up for it to be a great year for me. I’ve moved, I’m back in school pursuing my Master’s Degree on  my way to my Psyd and doing well in my job…ratings are GOOD! As long as I keep moving forward, progress is the only thing to accomplish…and that can’t be a bad thing.

On to part duex of my life.

Until Next Time,
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