I’m Moving

annapolisMoving into a new place (in Annapolis) 2 days after my birthday, moving out of my hotel, moving along in school (currently have a “B” in my class), moving on with my job, and most importantly…moving on with my life.

It wasn’t long along I was unsure of where my life was going, but lately I’ve rediscovered myself. I guess we do that in life. People change all the time. We go in different directions, some forward, some backward, but the main thing to do is keep moving. I no longer have to “worry” about [him] reading my blog as he told me he doesn’t anymore. So, since I feel the safest here, it’s a good way to through my thoughts out to the universe and let her do with them as she feels. I’m not sure how 8 weeks with someone can change your life, but for me it did. It made me more cautious about love. I wish I knew in the beginning that I was merely just a “thing” for [him] to “try out” in his life. I guess perhaps a check mark in his bucket list. There are days I don’t even think about him, and then there are days which I keep looking at my phone or checking my email to see if he would just once ask how I’m doing. I know that will never happen.

I’ve decided to move to Annapolis since it’s closer by the water (which brings me serenity) and also, it’s near the military men. I know, I know…but there hasn’t been too much luck with civilians. I’m not looking for a relationship now, but I do hope one comes my way soon. It’s what I need to do right now in my life. I need to find that one guy who will entertain me and spend time with me and together we can enjoy each others company. I want to find that one guy who made me feel like [he] did. It will happen, I know…I’ll find him, but I must go where the fish are and keep moving.

Overall, life is pretty good for me with a lot of changes and positive changes. Change isn’t easy, but I will do whatever IT is to be happy in life. God has chosen me to be happy and why would I want to let him down? I wouldn’t and I’m not about to.

I’m not sure which direction my chapter in my life will take me, but one thing is for sure…I’m moving.

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  1. Dear Anonymous,

    God speed my friend…God speed.

    PS. I chose not to post your comment because I felt it may have been too personal to publish. If I have your permission to publish I will, but that's up to you.



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