I Think I Know You – You’re ME!

A lot of times, I get emails from readers asking for advice on certain things going on in their lives. I enjoy all the emails I get so thanks for sending them! Recently, I received an email from a lady named “Diane”. I’ll call her “Diane” for the sake of my blog and her story. This was her email to me:

Sept 6, 2010

Dear Nikki,

You don’t know me, but I think I know who you are…you’re ME! I read your blog every day and when I read it, I feel like you’re living MY life. You write about things that seem to happen in my life. I don’t know how you do it, but I feel like you’re talking right to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a stalker (lol) but I really love reading your blogs. You are very insightful and you speak from your heart, something that is not easy for me to do. I have a question for you and you can feel free to post my question in your blog, maybe someone else is or has gone through what I have been going through. I need your help Nikki.

I’m 47 years old, a mother of 4 and I’m married to a man I really no longer find no enjoyment to be with. For the past 5 or 6 years, I’ve been depressed. Although I haven’t been diagnosed with depression, I feel depressed all the time. You always seem to be upbeat and right on. My question is: how do you stay so upbeat and not let life get you down? How do you cope with things when you’re depressed?

Thanks for your time,
advent Nikki Landry fan.

What a great email from “Diane”. I was pleased to know that she offered her email to be published because depression is a very hard thing to go through life with. There’s a difference between being sad and being depressed. Depression not only affects your mind, spirit and soul but it also affects your health. It’s important to seek medical help with depression. I’m not sure of the severity of her depression but she mentions it’s been for years. I would suggest Diane seek medical help. I would ask her to see a Psychologist for help. Many times people think seeing a Psychologist (or Shrinks for the slang term) is a bad thing to do. My question is Why? It’s actually the “In” thing to do. Ask any celebrity they all have shrinks. I even have one. Who cares if I have to pay someone to listen to my problems and help me through them? At least SOMEONE is listening to me, and someone who can show me how to get better at being the person I was meant to be.

Diane also asked how do I stay so upbeat all the time? Well, keep in mind I’m an entertainer so part of my job is be “upbeat” and entertaining. When I re-focus my energy onto things that are good; I get happy. When I take my mind off of “me” I feel better. So, if you’re having a hard time being happy, then take your mind off yourself, go do something NICE for someone else. Have you ever wondered when you go to the doctor because you’re sick you almost always feel better as soon as you walk into the hospital? Why? because you’re mind is on something else other than YOU. So, go get happy, do something for someone else for a change. Stop thinking only about yourself, go volunteer somewhere…trust me there are people out there who could use your help.

Thanks to Diane for her email. If you’d like to email me with a question please do so in the leave a comment box. All comments come to my personal email before they get approved to be shown in the comments box.

Until Next Time,
Much Love,


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  1. well Nikki (hunni) I been looking to talk to you for awhile now, i haven't been able to catch ya I have tried your station and twitter nuffin. What happened with the radio show in SF where did you go its been a long time now I miss ya. I know you have my email address you could write back that way or even message me to get my number. I'm getting kinda worried about ya now.



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