Who Are You Anyway

     Some of you may not like what I’m about to write but I feel compelled to write about it. So, just bare with me and keep an open mind. Ya know, I read the Bible and I research things in it and I re-read it and I try to make sense out of it. It actually DOES make sense. I was talking with a friend earlier today and she was telling about a friend she has who gets plastic surgery done. Her friend has no medical conditions, nothing that needed cosmetic repair; her friend just does it to “look better”. I looked in the Bible and nowhere did it say Eve went and had plastic surgery to make herself look better. Nowhere does it state that we as humans need to engage in such a horrific act.

     Seriously, is it that you are so insecure of yourself you feel compelled to go under the knife? Or even get a needle stuck in your forehead a couple of times to make yourself look better? I don’t understand why people do this to themselves. If it is because you need it for cosmetic reasons (because you became disfigured from an accident or etc…) I get that and I understand that. But, when you are perfectly healthy and you’re aging and you want to look younger..WHY? What is it about growing older you’re afraid of? Have you not researched what extensive cosmetic surgery can do to you? Why are you afraid to look at yourself in the mirror each day and face the real YOU?

     I have never had plastic surgery done and I pray I will never need it because of circumstances beyond my control. You know in the Bible it says our body is a Temple. God, did not say to make it better under false pretenses. My friends, friend has had a nose job, a boob job, botox and who knows what else is diminishing her own Temple created by God. All I’m saying is; be happy who you are, from the inside out. How can you be happy with your outsides if it something you did not create? The botox is POISON and yet you feel the need to inject it into your forehead? And… you choose to manipulate the work of God?

If God were to come see you today…would he recognize you…or would he ask “Who Are You Anyway?”

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  1. I agree 110% Sometimes we need to fix what's on the inside before we can accept who we are on the outside God does'nt make mistakes


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