A Million Hits in .02 Seconds

      I’m not really sure what the actual “Laws of Attraction” means. I’m not going to bother to Google it or Bing it or anything it.Who needs a million hits in .02 seconds?

     I’ll be the first to admit I Google and Bing everything. When I say everything, I mean “everything”. Just today I Googled “why does my dog pace the floor all day?” I won’t bore you with the million hits that only took .02 seconds to retrieve from Google but I will tell you what happened when I hit the enter key after I asked the question to Google. I looked at the screen and I said to myself “I really Googled that?” Sure enough, I “really” did.

     Back in the day, our parents didn’t have Google or Bing to use, they used their common sense, yet today we use a place in space created by someone we don’t know, never met, and haven’t questioned their ability to give true accurate meaning. Interesting, to think we trust sources we can’t validate ourselves. If more and more sources copy each other off the internet we’re going to find the same answers to the same questions which will validate the meaning to the certain subject we’re researching. So does that make our findings valid? Who am I to question? I question everything which is why I send my questions to Google. It’s nice to know I can get a million answers in .02 seconds. I’ve been asking questions all my life and never seem to get an answer. Maybe I should Google “why don’t I ever get answers to my questions?” I’m sure the answers will be quite attractive.

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6 thoughts on “A Million Hits in .02 Seconds

  1. Dear Anonymous,

    Very well said! I agree with everything you said. I'm not saying we should post things on Facebook in such depth it's going to alter our lives. My point was merely there is a wealth of information available in social networking. When it comes to something so personal as “Should I get a divorce?” then that's (I believe not a question to post on Facebook…if you're really thinking about getting a divorce) However, you could post something like “What would be your terms for getting a divorce?” That question could give you some helpful insight to your question without it being personally relating to your own life.

    To rely on social media to dictate your life is ludicrous, I get that. As far as business problems go and asking for advice on Facebook, I think that may be asking for trouble. Too many companies look at employees posting now on there.

    You made some valuable comments and I look forward to you following my blogs here. Feel free to read my others, there might be some in here you'll feel compelled to comment on as well.

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  2. Right, because all 500 or 1000 “friends” on FB are the same kind of friends, or ones you would turn to for advice. They are “all” your closest friends and ones you would turn to for life decisions. ha ha ha….

    Ask a few close friends, sometimes sure, post life decisions and think the entire FB world should respond and wait for an answer….no. (And for the record, I don't ask my closest friends for advice on every life or business decision either.)

    Comparing to it to a celebrity talk show? Well, let's see, out the population, how many people actually go onto these shows with a problem. Small percentage. Most of us would not want to be on them. Not everyone thinks Dr. Phil is worth listening to, lol.

    So let me understand you then. So when someone goes to work, and has a business problem, or is in a meeting, shall we think that the right thing to do is……post it on FB to solve the problem?

    How many executives and such do you really think leave problem solving to FB to run a company for example. LOL

    I can also see this now as another example: Dear FB friends, should I get a divorce or not? (Are you really going to air all the details on FB to “all” of your friends? No.

    You might ask a few close friends or family, AFTER you gave them the background, or they have been with you for the duration of the time leading up to this decision, so they are more qualified to offer advice. However, the decision ultimately is yours and yours alone to make, as it should be.

    Anyone who thinks that posting this on a FB site and that the answer they are going to get is what they should do…good luck.

    Don't get me wrong, I love FB, but I also keep it in check for what it is…and what it is not. 🙂


  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I agree with you when you said “If you need to take a poll or have your friends make your life decisions for you via social media…social media isn't your biggest problem.” My question to you is, How is this different than asking friends for advice? We all do it. Is it because we post it in a social medium that you don't agree with, or is it the fact we ask our friends for advice?

    Also, take Dr. Phil for example or any other Psychologist in the media, they offer advice on a public medium. There is a lot of experience out there we could all benefit and learn from. No-one in this world has a unique problem. If I posted a problem and received some valuable advice on it couldn't we agree MY problem and the responses I receive from it could actually help someone else going through the same thing? It's the same concept Dr. Phil uses, ask from the majority to help the minority.


  4. The inability to think for oneself and to be able to make decisions without a “group vote” is not about social acceptance.

    You've missed the point. It is sad, that people have put so much emphasis on social media making life decisions for them.

    You had a good original thought, that there was a time when you didn't have to “google” for every answer in your life or post it.

    Again, If you need to take a poll or have your friends make your life decisions for you via social media…social media isn't your biggest problem.


  5. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comment. The reason why people do that on the social media is because people love to talk about themselves. It's also a place to incur social acceptance. I am a chronic facebooker, I post all the time. People who post on these sites connect with their friends and family plus, it's cheaper than paying for a shrink!

    PS. Did you find my blog on Facebook?


  6. I think the internet and social media is great for many things.

    Going off the topic you posted, one might also start asking WHY so many people have to post every decision in life on FB and other outlets and feel the need to “take a poll” and get “feedback” for every single thing they do, decisions they make, every thought they have, etc.

    “It's the I can't make a decision without the internet or social media, or without 50 friends commenting on it, that should be in question perhaps as well.


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