The Front Porch of Our Lives

     Communication is the key to all relationships. How we communicate is a vehicle we use to get us to the next level in our relationships. So many times in our lives we become so busy it’s easy to forget how important communication means to people. Sure, we text, we use instant messaging on Facebook, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Skype and so many other means of “being in touch” with people. If you really look at the conveniences we use today, you’ll see how impersonal they really are between people. We have a tendency to use these outlets because it’s easier. Is easier really the best way? I have to disagree with you if  you say “yes” to that question.

     I won’t argue that these modes of communication don’t come in handy, they do. What I’m seeing is, people are using these outlets as a substitute for being personally connected with their friends and families. I understand we don’t always have time to pick up the phone and call someone, I get that. It’s true it’s fun to see what other people are up to even if we have never called them in the past. When we use the medium (like Facebook or Instant Messaging) in place of picking up the phone to call our friends and family, I think we have a real problem.  I like Facebook, don’t get me wrong. I’m on Facebook 24/7. We see these threads on there with two people talking about the same topic and sometimes the discussion gets heated, so why not just pick up the phone and discuss it? Is it that we use this medium so other people can see what we’re saying and we’re hoping someone takes our side and validates what we think is right? Is it more important to be right in a relationship or have resolution? I’m going with resolution on this one.

     When we engage so much in this type of instant messaging behavior it’s almost as if we are looking at life through the front porch of our lives. We see things from a distance, we see what other people feel, think, like, dislike, who is friends with whom, who did what, when and so forth. I think it’s time we get off the porch and actually go over and visit our neighbor, or at least pick up the phone and call them to see how they’re doing. Unless of course you’re too busy…than maybe you can just log onto Facebook and if they’re a friend of yours on there you can always get their status update to see how they’re doing. Life is too short, get off the front porch of life, stop watching and start living. Reach out to the one’s you love and pick up the phone. Call them, wouldn’t it be nice to see a status update from your friend that says “Heard from an ole friend today, it was great to hear from you”? Instead of seeing an update from that that says something like “took the garbage out today, another rainy day, guess I’ll stay indoors today”

Your front porch can wait, your friends and family can’t.
Until Next Time,
Much Love,
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