The Art Of Writing About Nothing

     Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to know they’re being heard. No one likes to be ignored. Regardless of the nature of us writing or speaking it’s essential we are heard. There are times we come across people who just love to talk. Yes, and we’re forced to listen to them because anything BUT paying attention to them is impolite. I’d like to know where is it written that I must stop everything I’m doing just to hear someone speak about something I have no interest in. I have to admit, I do it out of sheer mannerism.

      Have you ever met those type of people who talk just to reassure themselves their still alive? I have. They commentate on everything. You could be watching a tv show with them and every scene they have to make a comment. Every commercial that comes on tv they have something to say about it. You try your hardest to ignore them in hopes they get the message you don’t want to engage in conversation when your favorite show is on, yet they continue to talk away.

     Don’t get me wrong if what they had to say was important to me, I’d pay more attention to what they have to say. Most people only truly listen to other people when they find the conversation is important to the one listening. You could basically talk about nothing but if you include their name in the conversation, they are more apt to listen AND comment on your conversation. Humans are so egocentric. The same people who love to talk during shows or while you’re busy concentrating are the same people who will talk about you behind your back. Did you know that? It’s true. They’ll be the first one’s to talk to you about someone else. They love to gossip…we all do. I just ask please don’t do it with me while I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy.

     Why can’t I just sit here as I am and just babble on and on about nothing? I did. That is the art of writing about nothing.
Until Next Time,
Much Love,