Relationships Are Like Our Kitchen

Relationships ARE like our kitchen. Depending on how your kitchen is laid out can say a lot about how you view your relationships in life. Think about it for a minute. We all have cabinets, we all put certain things in their certain places and we know they’re there if we need to use them. How does this all play a part within our relationships? Well, if you have a scattered kitchen and things aren’t placed in their perspective places we get lost trying to find them.

In our minds we do the same thing in relationships. We meet someone and we put them in “our cabinet” we compartmentalize them. We ask ourselves questions about the other person. Do I like this person? Is he/she just a friend? Are they a potential lover? Are they someone I want to have a long lasting relationship with? Or is this person just someone who passed through my life? Does that passage have a meaning? When we decide on these factors we put them into a category… or a cabinet. If we like this person as a friend, we put them into the “friends category” (something like where we would store our mixer) because we don’t use it every day. If this same person is thought to be a potential lover, we may put them into the “coffee” canister, something most of us access every day.

The question comes to mind of “What if I’m  not sure where to put them?” Then this is where your kitchen gets cluttered…this is where we put our mail…on the counter until we decide what to do with it. We all have departments of our compartments but how we manage those compartments is what defines how we mange our relationships. 

Until Next Time,
Much Love,