Bad Career Advice From Good Parents.

           Six months into being unemployed I find I’m still having to answer to my parents as to why I haven’t been able to get a job yet. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind answering to my parents even if I am over 40 years old. However, what they don’t realize these days is the hiring process has changed so much since their days of employment. It used to be when you were looking for a job you could apply to the job by either walking into the place of business or making a phone call to see if they’re hiring. I remember when I could walk into a Red Lobster restaurant and inquire “within” about the job they had posted on the window. Today, I went there to see if they were hiring and I got the answer “We’re always looking for the best people” so, I said “Great!, may I fill out an application?” The manager told me I had to apply online, so I did and I have to wait until I hear back from someone from the website who saw my resume I sent into a big huge folder somewhere with the company.

       Speaking of waiting. This is something our parents do not get at all when one of their kids is trying to get a job. I have to admit, I’m very fortunate that since I have been unemployed in my field of radio I have had many, many, many interviews.  I’ve had a lot of interest from radio stations for my talent. What I’m finding out when I speak with these stations is they aren’t necessarily in a hurry to hire. I think they are in reality but with the economy and such I can understand how things get delayed and the budget may not allow to hire someone immediately. When you’re unemployed, immediately can’t come quick enough. I’ve had 12 radio interviews and so far, I have 4 radio stations interested in me. The positions they want to fill are currently vacant so it’s good to know no one is going to lose a job if they decide to hire me.

      My parents do not really understand when I tell them I haven’t heard anything back from (such and such station) or if I did hear back from them, that the hiring process is just going to take longer than expected. I understand how the delays happen and I’m willing to sit it out and wait for that perfect fit.  All along the way I and a few of my friends in the same business have been given advice from our parents on how to get the attention of the managers at the radio stations. I’ve listed some of the things our parents have told us to do.

  • Keep calling until they answer
  • If you get a voice mail, do not leave a message…call back until they answer
  • Where the short skirt, but not too short
  • Make up should be light
  • Don’t wear too much perfume
  • If you can’t get a hold of the manager, call THEIR boss
  • If you can’t get a hold of THEIR boss, call THEIR boss, keep going up the chain
  • Deliver your resume in person, don’t email it
  • Ask them what the hold up is
  • Tell them you’re dead broke and you want the job and you need to start tomorrow
  • If they won’t let you start tomorrow tell them you’ll work for the competition 

       Things like the above they mentioned to us, and honestly some of them aren’t too bad. Some of them…well common sense would tell you not to use them. If you can think of things YOUR parents told you to do to get the attention of the hiring official reply to my post and I’ll add them to the list.

Until Next Time,
Much Love,