Can We Have Too Much Ziti?

It’s been roughly 7 months since I’ve been in this town. Basically, my day consists of working, eating, sleeping and working some more. Grant it, I could go out and meet people if I really wanted to, but I’d rather work. Who in their right mind would rather work than go out? People like me who are in the public eye mostly yet are very private people. By private, I mean; we (types) keep to ourselves a lot. I guess you could say we’re more “Loner” types.

Since I don’t go out much, I haven’t had the chance to meet a lot of people. However, there is one person I’d like to meet…my neighbor. The problem is…HOW? I’m generally a shy person when it comes to my personal life. I think I was born with running shoes. The first instance of someone being interested in me, I tend to tie up my laces and head for the hills. My neighbor and I have only seen each other a few times in our crossings. Mainly, it’s been bright, warm smiles exchanged to each other and a nice “Hello, how are ya?”

I was speaking with my mother tonight about this and I asked her “How can I meet this person without sounding like a complete idiot, let alone get the courage to actually “meet” this person?” She replied “Make a big batch of Ziti and tell him you made too much” and that “you wanted to bring some to him” I got to thinking after she told me that. What if it is as simple as making too much Ziti and sharing with a stranger to strike up a conversation? Can we ever have too  much Ziti?

Until Next Time,
Much Love,