Posting The Notes

     There has to come a time in our lives where we’ve “just had enough”. Whether it be with our personal lives our how we deal with other people. For me, it’s both. For so many months now, I have been contemplating a change. I knew I wanted to change some things about myself but wasn‘t really sure where to start. 

      First, I had to decide what it was that was bothering me. What was “it” I wanted to change? I started making a list of the things I didn’t like about myself. For one, I am a jealous person by nature, I smoke, I’m a loner, I am constantly tempted to play on line video games, I don’t get dressed up enough, I fear failure, the list goes on. I was really harsh on myself when I made this list. It actually hurt to think of myself in such a bad way

      I have a degree in Clinical Psychology, graduated top of my class, I’m smart... So how could I not understand what was going on in my own life? Why was I being so hard on myself? Do I deserve such mean words towards myself? No. I don’t and neither do you. I’m here to tell you to stop it. STOP! When you get these negative thoughts in your mind visualize a stop sign in your mind and just say “Stop!” the thought will go away. What I’ve come to realize is what the problem was; my self esteem. Low self esteem can ruin anything and anyone at comes from listening to our Ego.

     The ego is something we all have and unfornatulety it tells us what we “want” vs. what we “need” and we don’t “need” to batter ourselves. What we “need” is to learn to love ourselves. I know it’s hard to “love ourselves” because we feel selfish in doing so. I know, because I was always told “not to love yourself” that that was being selfish and we should love others first. The truth is, you can’t love anyone else unless you love yourself first. It’s not being selfish to love yourself in the first place. If you don’t show the world how great you are no one will believe it. 

Post your notes around your house to remind yourself how great you are as a person. You can use the one’s I use, they’re here in the picture above. When you walk by your “notes” say the words out loud. I post my notes by my fridge, my bathroom mirror, outside my closet, the back of the front door so I can see it before I leave the house. These are little reminders to yourself that you’re special, because YOU ARE. Keep the notes there as long as you need them, until you fully believe how wonderful you are. Subconsciously, your mind will register these thoughts and you will soon start to feel like the brand new shiny person you were meant to be.

If you’re not like me, then please explain to us who are like me and let us know how you got to be so great. If you’re like me, then join me in posting our “notes”.

Until Next Time,
Much Love,


3 thoughts on “Posting The Notes

  1. Well done it is a good start. Now lets get to work on it.Good luck I will help if I can.


  2. Great Post….absolutely right, you have to love yourself before you can love others…it took a very painful and devastating event in my life to realize this 'simple' fact.


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