No! YOU Shut Up! – Putting Your Phone on Mute.

      It’s not everyday that I get to write. As much as I love to write in my Blog, I really don’t have the time.  The title of my blog tonight was chosen by one of my Facebook friends, Joe. I asked for my friends to come up with a subject for me to write about tonight, and Joe won! Congrats Joe!

Let’s face it, we all have people in our lives that we really just want to tell them to “Shut Up”. Seriously, I know I do. I won’t mention any names but how many times have you come across someone who just annoys the shit out of you and you just want to scream “No! YOU shut up”? The word “Shut Up” is so harsh sounding and it’s not pleasant. But, we’re all human and we all say it, or at least we have all said it. I never encourage my employees to shut up, in fact; I encourage them to be just the opposite. I want them to talk to me as much as possible. I want to know their ideas, their visions, their creativity and most of all their opinions. 

     Not too long ago, I was on a conference call and there were a ton of people on the phone and the person hosting the meeting told everyone to mute their phones. Here’s how it went down “You all need to mute your phone and if you don’t know what “mute” means maybe you should Google it and find out” Out of the blue in the faint background we hear a female voice say “Why don’t YOU Google the word mute”. She obviously thought her phone was muted – but it was not. I felt bad for the moderator and also for the person who said that in the background. As far as I know, no one knows who said it. I think it’s best if we never find out. As I see it, she basically said “No! YOU Shut UP!”


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8 thoughts on “No! YOU Shut Up! – Putting Your Phone on Mute.

  1. Nah, no need to do that. One day, you may loose your hearing and those will be the sounds you'll miss the most. Enjoy those sounds while you still have them. 🙂


  2. I was on a Clear Channel conference call and when the mod asked everyone to mute the phones, some guy said, “Geez who the f#$! does this guy think we are? Idiots?” The answer to that was, YES. And, shortly after, there was a PD opening at a small market in the midwest.


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  4. Great article Nikki!..which reminds me i need to put my phone on mute while im on the air :).


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