What’s The Median On The Mean Deen?

      Three baileys in tonight I decided to get the courage to talk about what the media seems to think is a big deal about Paula Deen. Here’s the story, she said it…years ago. She said so and so was “black as this board” does that make her a racist? Seriously? You think THAT makes her a racist? Get a grip people. You mean to tell me when someone says “He/She was “white as a ghost” is racist too? What has this world come too?

What about the song “Thriftshop” by Macklamore he says in his song “that’s a cold ass honkey” should I take offense because I’m white? No! Has anyone boycotted THAT song? No! What about, the rappers who sing about the “N” word? Do we boycott THOSE songs? No! Why is it we have to single out Paula Deen for this? Please explain this to me. One of my friends on Facebook recently said to me “what about Chris Brown, Kayne West, Snoop Dog, 50 Cent, who all use ‘that word’…its a double standard…if you or I say it, we are racist, but they throw it around like its nothing…Is it offensive?? Then NO One should use it” He makes a valid point.

     I’m not saying I support Paula Deen, nor am I saying she’s wrong. What I’m saying is it’s such a shame that America has come to this point where we all just look for stuff to hurt people with. I’m pretty sure Paula Deen meant no harm in what she said. The mere fact that her advertisers are pulling from her, is just terrible. They’re the one’s who are racist. They’re the one’s who are separating the color in this world. To me, the only people who see color are those making a big deal about it. Wake up people, we live in world where there is no color, only the colors of the rainbow…and rainbows hold no judgement.

The whole “Median with the Deen” lies in the middle. If you want to blame her for being racist then maybe you should look in the mirror and decide whether or not you’re part of the society  who helps create the color separation in this world. For me, I see no color… perhaps we should all do the same.

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3 thoughts on “What’s The Median On The Mean Deen?

  1. I read through 149 pages of testimony for the 5-17-13 deposition of Paula Dean. I didn't find anything in it that I would refer to as “despicable”. Has she made mistakes? Yes, but nothing that I feel warrants the treatment she has been getting over this lawsuit. People should also look into all of the charity work that she does and the hundreds of thousands of dollars that she raises.


  2. Sorry Nkki, but I think you are wrong on this one. First, please read the deposition (words from her own mouth) in regards to a lawsuit by one of her previous employers. I could hardly get through the whole thing it was so despicable. The “black as a board” comment is the least of her sins. Between her and her brother, not only her words, but her actions (relegating black employees to come through the back door and paying them in beer) in completely unacceptable. What's worse is that she ADMITS to these things and, until she got outed, saw no problem with this. Either she is the dumbest woman in the world or the cockiest to think that that kind of behavior flies in 2013. I don't care if you are in the Deep South and that is how you were raised. I was raided by the biggest family of redneck racists you can find….but once I became educated and exposed to diversity, my views changed. And I know Paula DEEN has had even more opportunity to change her views. It is shameful she has chosen not to, or is only pretending to now because she realizes she is losing everything. And rightfully so. No, not shame on companies for dropping her. Public relations isn't about “punishing” people…it is about preserving your brand and YOUR image…and people don't want to go down with her sinking ship. She did it to herself.


  3. You forgot to mention Jayz and Kanye West song Niggas in Paris. They are making millons off of it. Bottom line sponsors see one color and that is GREEN$$$$$$.


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