Mistresses – Why I’m Boycotting The Show

No matter how “secure” you say you are in your relationship, we all have some series of doubt. The “what if” or “would he/she?”. There’s a new TV show on called “Mistresses”. For me, this show is just asking for trouble. Why would a network put on a show that glamorizes cheating? What purpose can this show possibly serve? I haven’t seen the show, because just the title alone makes me feel insecure. 

     Maybe, it’s not fair I judge the show before I see it. The problem is, I don’t need nor do I want to see it. I saw the previews of it before it aired and I said “I’m not going to watch it and neither should any other man or woman.” To me, this show is only going to create more problems in relationships. There is nothing glamorous about cheating on your spouse. 

      This show, I’m guessing is going to hurt relationships and create more doubt within them. Watching this show, I’m sure will leave us wandering through our mates items searching for clues, or watching every move they make, watching every eye movement, checking through their cars for clues and so forth. I think this show is going to put doubt where doubt wasn’t before. I asked one of my guy friends if he watched it and he said “yeah, there’s hot chicks in it”. Seriously, hot chicks. How many mistresses are “that hot” and even if they were, how hot are they on the inside? Maybe we can say the same thing for the show Desperate Housewives. Although, this show was about a woman telling a story about what used to take place on Wisteria lane .

Until Next Time,
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