Dating in 2016 – How To Go From Elite to Delete

      In the beginning, God created a gentleman. Gourmet meals, slow dances and an orchestra playing in the background. He gently grabs my hand while I’m sitting at the table and asks me to dance with him. Of course I say “yes”. The mood is perfect and he’s handsome. We seem to connect with each other as the night rolled on. For many nights, we shared our laughs and our desire to be together.

       He was very wealthy and very well known in the city we lived. He had a great reputation and was admired by many in the community. Long story short, we ended our relationship.

After our relationship ended I decided to go on to see if I could find “the one”.

        My profile has received over 54 THOUSAND views. Never mind the countless emails I received from men I would never date. The instant messages I received were anything but morally correct. Tonight, I finally took a chance and gave my cell phone out to a guy who I thought would be interesting, based on his profile. He said he was a captain in the Air Force, okay, that’s a good mark. Along with the rest of his profile, I found interesting. Mind you this guy is 52 years old!

Well…here’s how our first texting went.

Him: Hi
Him: Got Your Message
Him: Wassup
Him: Girl
Me: Who Is this?
Him: 🙂
Him: You have to keep ur fan club straight
Him: you sent me your number
Me: Lol
Him: true girl
Me: Right?!
Him: Get your act together
Him: Don’t you remember me
Me: I don’t remember you
Me: Should I?
Him: You sent me your number lol
Him: That’s why I asked you how many times you threw your number out LOL
Me: oh yes that I know
Me: I don’t give my number out usually
Him: ok then
Him: when you want to meet
Him: I’m chillin on Sunday in the Love Shack (at this point I wanted to ask if it was a tin roof and rusted)
Me: Were you an officer in the AF?
Him: Hello girl yes
Him: Bonk (firecracker emoticon)
Him: Did that hurt lol
Him: El capitan
Me: I don’t think we are a good match
Him: you are uber sexy
Him: I’m a nurse
Him: Lock down psyche now
Him: building a new house
Him: (sends me pics of his house, actually it’s a gate)
Him: Hell yea girl
Him : thumbs up emoticon
Me: Thanks for reaching out I don’t think we are good match, sorry

I then deleted his texts (after I wrote this) and blocked his number. What happened to the good old fashioned guys who are serious about meeting someone? The gentlemen of the world? How is it a 52 year old guy can send a text message like this and expect to be taken seriously? If this is what’s out there, trust me I want no part of it. I’d rather stay single. This is how you go from being an elite to being a delete.

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