Unsure of Being Sure

There comes a time in your life where we feel unsure of what we’re sure of. How does that happen? Can it be that we’re so sure of something that it scares us; we become unsure? To me, life is so short NOT to take chances and sometimes it’s better just to go with what your gut “tells” you. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we dismiss it and ignore it, and well…other times we just get nauseous thinking about it. We then take the wait and see approach, telling ourselves “what will be, will be”.

In life we decide what works and what doesn’t. We make judgment calls on what we “think” or “feel”. If it seems right, we do it. If it doesn’t seem right, we don’t do it. What happens when we do something that we “feel ” is right but ends up not being right? Or on the contrary, we do something that “feels” right and it actually ends up being right? All along the way, we continue to be unsure yet somewhere along the line, we’re sure.

Life is what you make it. I’ve always been told that in life by my parents. It’s actually true, ya know. If you set yourself up for success, chances are you’ll be successful. If you set yourself up for failure, well then, chances are you’ll fail. It depends on what IT is you want out of life. I believe no one living has a right to be miserable in life. To me, that’s a choice you’ve made along the way. Sure, life can deal you a bad hand, and leave you “miserable” but it doesn’t have to be that way. You have the power to change who you are and what you’ve become. Ask Michael Jordan, he did it (made the change to be better) and so has a lot of other people. The power is within you to live a happy fulfilling life. You deserve it, you’ve earned it.

There’s just one catch to it…Don’t be unsure of what you already know.

Until Next Time,
Much Love,