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Just a few days ago I decided to go to a radio convention called the Worldwide Radio Summit.  It took place inside the “W” hotel in Hollywood, California. Experts in radio attend this function every year. From Vice Presidents of major radio companies all the way down the food chain. This was my first time going, it was very informative and also very tiring. 

      There were so many experts in the radio business there on the panels. Each panel had certain experts in their field of broadcasting. Now mind you, these experts came from all over the world to be there. We people from Sweden, Australia, Africa, Germany you name it, they were there. It was exciting to learn how radio is done overseas. 

     The ideas everyone brought to the table were amazing. I say it was exhausting because we ate a lot of great food (food coma), then it was time for another session (panel discussion), then a break, then more food (Food coma), then more panels… The food was first class and so was the event. I made a lot of connections with people I never met before and I also got to meet the people I’ve known but had no idea what they looked like. They actually turned out to be better looking than I imagined. The old saying “Face for radio” didn’t apply here.

     One of the major key points I personally took away from the Summit was the direction radio is heading and that’s more towards podcasting. The idea of podcasting seemed to scare me a little because I wasn’t too sure if the listeners were into that sort of thing. Then one of the panel experts talked about how his morning show received over 3 million downloads on their podcasts…I was like “yep, this has potential”

       So, while I was on the plane coming back from L.A. I got thinking about how I could tap into that idea of podcasting and reach a larger audience. A while back I created a TV show called “Everybody Has A Story” and I really didn’t do too much with it. I just kind of let the episodes sit. Please like my Facebook page for my T.V. show here Everybody Has A Story

    After the convention, I thought I would try a different avenue to get my TV show out, I’m trying podcasting. Below is the podcast link and please like or follow or download it, I’m still new at this and trying to understand what exactly you’re supposed to do with it but nonetheless, I would love to hear your feedback as well. 

Welcome to my very first podcast “Everybody Has A Story” – With Merlin the Magician. 

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