Everybody Has A Story – A Real Ghost Buster?


       Do you believe in ghosts? After talking with the “Ghost Buster” I think I now believe in ghosts, and you may too!

Welcome to “Everybody Has A Story” this is a show hosted by Nikki Landry which is based on real life stories from everyday people. I travel around to find people who want to share their story. I find homeless people, waitresses, doctors, lawyers, Senior Vice Presidents of companies, military veterans, police officers, firefighters, etc… I find people who “represent” America. Their stories are real and candid. The people you see in the videos are not actors nor have they been compensated for telling their story.

       Please take a moment and listen to this episode. This episode was very fun to do. Think you have an interesting story to tell and want to be on my show? Contact me, I’d love to hear from you and get to know you. 

     I am also now accepting advertisers on my podcast. If you’re interested in getting your product heard, contact me.

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