Ken and The American Bald Eagle

Welcome to “Everybody Has A Story” this is a show hosted by Nikki Landry which is based on real life stories from everyday people. I travel around Colorado Springs and other places to find people who want to share their story. I find homeless people, waitresses, doctors, lawyers, Senior Vice Presidents of companies, military veterans, police officers, firefighters, etc… I find people who “represent” America. Their stories are real and candid. The people you see in the videos are not actors nor have they been compensated for telling their story.

This was such an amazing shoot to do. I really enjoyed Ken and his American Bald Eagle. It was an honor to be so up close and personal with them both. I learned so much in short amount of time. The fact I get to meet so many interesting people along my journey just leaves me speechless. I hope you enjoy the interview I did. You can watch it below.


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