Affiliate Marketing – Does it Work?

What is Affiliate Marketing? According to Investopedia, “Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.” I wanted to find a way to make some extra cash on the side so I created a website called Discount Prices U.S. I’ve read so much about affiliate marketing and how great it is and how you can make a lot of money helping people, so I decided to try it out.

I can honestly say, it’s hard work! One of the things I love about affiliate marketing is I get to see new products and deals before anyone else. For instance, Amazon just introduced Astro—Amazon’s new home robot. I knew this was coming out before they sent the email out to people. So, it was cool to see the email they sent out to everyone and I already had the product on my store’s page. I have a lot of cool products on my affiliate page. Everything you could possibly want is in my store! Let’s get back to the subject of this blog, “Affiliate Marketing – Does it Work?

Does it Work?

The jury for me is still out on this one. I put in countless hours a day trying to get “leads”, trying to get traffic to my store and some days, I have 20 people visit, some days I have 100, and some days I have 0 visitors. It can be so frustrating to say the least. I research a lot on line “how to drive traffic to your website” There a countless ways to drive traffic to your site and you’ll go nuts trying to figure out which one’s work. I liked this article I found online 30 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website it had some really great information on it.

The article gave me some reassurance when I read “According to 2020 research done by Content Marketing Institute, 63% of content professionals are challenged with finding enough staff skilled in content strategy which is one of the top drivers of website traffic.” So, at least I don’t feel so alone. Others struggle as I am. I’m always looking for ways to improve my store’s page. If you head on over to my store, take a look around and see if I’m missing something as far as how it looks. Does it look ok, is it appealing? Any feedback you want to give I would appreciate it.

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