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Twitter Me Tuesday!

Okay, So I joined Twitter yesterday. I have no idea what it is all about and how it’s different/better than Facebook. I have to admit though, I was skeptical about Facebook in the beginning because I had Myspace. Now, I am addicted to Facebook.

So, if you can explain to me why in the World I need Twitter, please do so. I don’t understand the whole following thing and how it works in there. If you get a chance, “follow me”. I’ve chosen a few people to “follow” but really I don’t know who they are or why I even chose to follow them, I guess they had big important names like CNN.

Okay, let’s Twitter and then we’ll head over to Facebook and back to Myspace and find out what everyone is doing, because afterall we REALLY do care.

Until Next Time,
Much Love,

PS. Not sure how to find my “Twitter” address but my last name is Landry.