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Life After Radio

Some advice for my radio peeps.

What a way to live. Every day you come in and you do your show wondering if that’ll be your last show. Thinking and being told, “you’re only as good as your last break”, being told, “you’re replaceable and there are tons of other jocks out there who will gladly do your job for less money” Being undervalued. Being taken advantage of. Being the person they blame for things that don’t go well. Not getting the credit you deserve for when things DO go well. The list goes on and on.

Always seeking approval from people you don’t know (the listeners). Did I mention waking up every day wondering if you still have a job? Radio puts you in a constant state of fear and yet expects you to entertain the masses. Some people thrive on that “fear” others wake up and realize that life’s too short to live in constant fear.I had a great run in radio. I’ve been mornings, middays, afternoon drive, nights, weekends you name it. I’ve been in some super great markets too. I’ve been anywhere from Toledo OH, to San Francisco, CA, down to Louisiana, over to Virginia Beach, even programmed in Memphis. Radio was “good” to me, but it wasn’t “Great” FOR me.

You know what’s great? Being able to wake up every day and not having to worry about someone in the corner office threatening me and judging my performance based on what strangers (listeners) say how well I’m doing (i.e. ratings). Look, if you’re on the beach and you’re wondering why you’re not back on the radio. Do yourself a favor and thank your lucky stars. Take this time to reevaluate your worth. Take this time to be grateful that you are not one of those people who gave their heart and soul to a company and after 22 years (right before retirement eligibility) they fire you. How shitty is that? Think about it. Do you really want to be with a company that makes you live in fear EVERY DAY?

I know this post is long, but maybe for the time you spent reading this, you weren’t wondering if you’re going to get fired. Breathe! My best advice is to find a mentor who’s “been there and is doing something different”. I have mentors who used to be in radio and who have reinvented themselves and who are extremely successful now and who actually ENJOY life. I’m enjoying life. I have my own online radio station (because I still love radio) and no one can fire me from it, I own an online store (because I love marketing) and no one can fire me from it, I own a blog (because I love to write), I’m also a real estate agent (because one of my mentors is doing it and he’s making a killing at it) and because no one can fire me.

You get the idea! ENJOY LIFE! Reinvent yourself. Get help writing your resume’. Find something in radio you loved doing and focus your resume on that if you want to. I want to share this video with you, it helped me when I transitioned out of radio. Maybe it’ll help you. Remember, everything you WANT, IS ON THE OTHERSIDE OF FEAR.