Do They Even Know You?


You would think in today’s world of online communication and the convenience of posting whatever you want for the world to see a company who is interviewing someone would be more prepared and more professional. As my quest to find the answer to Have We Become The Foundation For No Respect? continues. The position I interviewed for was for a senior level marketing position which I am extremely qualified for considering my last job I was in charge of a double-digit, multi million dollar radio station.  The interview below I am referring to was with a major web development corporation and took place in October of 2017.

The people who interviewed me were clueless and unprofessional. I applied online through the recruiter. Once I did the phone interview I was asked to come on site for an in person interview. I drove an hour to do the in person interview. Before this in person interview took place (2 weeks) they changed hiring managers 3 different times. At which time I had already done 4 different interviews with 4 different people at once the same day on site including the then hiring manager.

A week later, I had to do another phone interview with the third hiring manager for the position. She flew in from NYC to meet with me. She told me they created a position for me since I was better suited for a Director’s role. During the in-person interview, I met with 5 different people, who were all at the VP level. Each person was given 30 minutes to speak with me. According to their schedule, this is what they planned. During the first interview, we went over the 30 minutes allotted time by a few minutes. Before we were done talking, the second person comes in the room and interrupts us and tells us we need to end the discussion that our time “is up”.

Two of the 5 people didn’t know what position I was applying for when I met with them. The third person I met with was 15 minutes late to meet with me. We couldn’t find the 4th person who I was supposed to meet with as she did not answer her cell phone when we tried to call her. So, she sent an email to the third person I was talking to telling her to tell me to go sit in my car and take a 30 minutes break. I then went to my car to sit and waited for bout 20 minutes. Then, after about 20 minutes, I went back in the building to resume the interview, however, no one was there to meet me.

I’m puzzled at this point. So, I go back to where I was to meet the next person. This person was the actual hiring manager. She asks me if it’s okay if she can eat her lunch during the interview. I said “Sure, please go ahead” Eating her lunch during an interview? Seriously? What person does this? I was supposed to meet with the fifth  person after this hiring manager however, she was “too busy” to meet with me.  She asked if she could call me later. There was no call later to me from anyone from that company.

Seriously? I drive an hour away to meet with you and you’re “too busy”? I was told they are considering someone else for the position, however, I was also told no one else applied for this position since the position was created just for me. I would love to hear your stories about finding a job or the trials and tribulations you’ve come across while looking for work. Maybe your story can help us feel less alone. Or are we alone?

So, there you have it. My question still remains, Have We Become The Foundation For No Respect?

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Have We Become The Foundation For No Respect?

Since being unemployed from my last programming job, I was able to land a job in Virginia, near DC. It was a 3-month government contract job with the Veterans Affairs. I was a Business Re-Engineering Specialist Level II. Basically, a program manager who led a marketing department and created a marketing plan from conception to full cycle.  I was told earlier in September the contract was going to end at the end of September, so of course when they told us that, I began looking for another job. Seek and you shall find, right? Almost…

I interviewed with a contractor for a great position back at the Pentagon. I was given the offer letter and I accepted the position. I was due to start September 13th. Once I accepted the offer in writing on the 11th of September, I resigned from my position as a Business Re-Engineering Specialist. On September 12th (1 day before I was supposed to start my new job at the Pentagon) I had lunch with the owner of the new company I was going to go work for at the Pentagon. Mind you, he and I spoke on many occasions prior to this lunch appointment. After our lunch was done, he called me to tell me he was withdrawing his offer. I was like “What?” I just resigned from my previous job to take this job. His reply was “you didn’t seem excited enough about the position”. In my mind, I was like “What?”. However, I said nothing.

How does a company do this to someone? To me, this just shows a total lack of respect for another human being. The worst part is, I’m still unemployed. More job related horror stories continue next week. I’ll share them with you in order as they happened. Have We Become The Foundation For No Respect?

I would love to hear what kind of job related stories you have or had while looking for work. Please share them below in the comment section.

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