Have We Become The Foundation For No Respect?

Since being unemployed from my last programming job, I was able to land a job in Virginia, near DC. It was a 3-month government contract job with the Veterans Affairs. I was a Business Re-Engineering Specialist Level II. Basically, a program manager who led a marketing department and created a marketing plan from conception to full cycle.¬† I was told earlier in September the contract was going to end at the end of September, so of course when they told us that, I began looking for another job. Seek and you shall find, right? Almost…

I interviewed with a contractor for a great position back at the Pentagon. I was given the offer letter and I accepted the position. I was due to start September 13th. Once I accepted the offer in writing on the 11th of September, I resigned from my position as a Business Re-Engineering Specialist. On September 12th (1 day before I was supposed to start my new job at the Pentagon) I had lunch with the owner of the new company I was going to go work for at the Pentagon. Mind you, he and I spoke on many occasions prior to this lunch appointment. After our lunch was done, he called me to tell me he was withdrawing his offer. I was like “What?” I just resigned from my previous job to take this job. His reply was “you didn’t seem excited enough about the position”. In my mind, I was like “What?”. However, I said nothing.

How does a company do this to someone? To me, this just shows a total lack of respect for another human being. The worst part is, I’m still unemployed. More job related horror stories continue next week. I’ll share them with you in order as they happened.¬†Have We Become The Foundation For No Respect?

I would love to hear what kind of job related stories you have or had while looking for work. Please share them below in the comment section.

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